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Looking for someone with years of knowledge in the industry who can guide you through the book illustration process; someone who is quick to communicate and someone who will always consider your input but will remain faithful to their artistic vision?

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The Picture Book Process

  1. Please fill out the intake form so I get to know a bit about you and your project and include a word doc of your manuscript.
  2. Once I receive your contact information and manuscript, I will contact you by email regarding your project, and a time to consult by phone.
  3. Whether we speak by phone or by email I would like you to tell me about your vision for the book, your inspiration, and what you’re looking for in the artwork. We can discuss the details and make sure we’re a good fit.
  4. I’ll get to work creating a pencil sketch of your main character and send it to you for review along with an illustration estimate for your book project.
  5. If you decide that you would like me to illustrate your picture book, I will put together a contract that will cover price, the art and payment schedule, and the specifications for your book.
  6. Once I receive your contract with initial payment, I can get your book on the illustration calendar schedule, and your book project is given a start date when sketches and layouts will begin. Book layouts are usually completed within 2-3 weeks of that date. Layouts include body copy placement so we can see how artwork fits and flows with text. The complete book layouts will be sent to you as a zip file.
  7. Once you go through the book layouts, and make notes, we can discuss by phone or through emails what is working and any revisions needed. I will make those adjustments and re-submit the file to you for approval.
  8. When layouts have been approved, I will move to the finished artwork. This process take about 3-4 weeks
  9. Finished artwork will be sent to you for final approval. When approved, I will electronically submit the art files, and layout files to your publisher, following their specific guidelines. The balance of your payment is due upon the receiving of finished artwork.
  10. We will review the proofs together from the publisher before taking your baby to print!
General Market Inquiries

Kim is represented in the general market by Sally Apokedak, with the Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency .

Sally can be reached at:

Indie + Self-Publishing Inquiries

For specialized job inquiries regarding illustration work, children's book illustration, cover design or any other design related request, please contact me.

Phone: 856-575-3610



The illustrator owns the copyright to all artwork and can sell usage rights (print or electronic publishing, products, etc.) for a specific period of time.

No problem! Talk to Pam Halter, the best editor I know about your manuscript. She will either be able to assist you or point you in the direction of someone who can.

What you see on the website is what you can expect to receive if you hire me to illustrate for you. In general, illustrators find it taboo to replicate another artist’s work.

Yes, her name is Sally Apokedak  and you can reach her via phone 678-744-7745  or email

Nothing, if you are going to submit your book to a general market publisher, like Scholastic or Simon and Schuster. The publisher will select a wonderful artist to illustrate your story and you will not have to provide any artwork.

If that is the route you want to go then you will need to get your manuscript into a publishers hands. There are two main ways to get your book seen by a general market children's book editor.  You can hire an agent to represent you and submit your manuscript directly to publishers that they think might be interested in your story OR you can research children's book publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts and submit your manuscript yourself. Be careful to strictly follow their author submission guidelines found on their website.

But if you are going the self-publishing route, you can expect to pay between 3200.00 and 5800.00 to be illustrated for a 32- page picture book. Chapter books and shorter pictures books will cost less to illustrate.

The price depends on a few things: 24 Page or 32-page? Do you want full color illustrations or will it be limited color or black and white? Does it need to be done in a simple style or a more complex?

I try to encourage authors research illustrators websites to find the art style that resonates best with their story. If you are self-publishing, you will need to find the very best illustrations that you can afford, even saving up if needed. With the children's book market being such a large and ever growing one, a great cover with strong illustrations are really essential to give your book a voice in the sea of publishing.

From contract signing, it usually takes 3-4 months to get a picture book completed.

I'll need a complete manuscript that has had a final edit from a children’s book editor. Once I read through your story, I can decide if I can bring the beauty, fun and the magic needed to make it wonderful.  If we both agree to contract, then I may request, photos, more information, art suggestions and so on.

You can contact Pam Halter at – or visit her website. I refer many of my clients to her and she does a wonderful job working with them to get their books ready for publishing. If you are part of a writing group, ask them for a referral of a qualified, reputable children’s book editor.

Have a completed and edited manuscript and decide on a style that would work best for your particular story by browsing illustration directories like Childrens Illustrators, and children’s book illustrators websites. Research, research, research....there are plenty of resources for new authors, including youtube tutorials, articles and blogs on self-publishing and writing children’s books. It's important for you to be acquainted with what you can expect when self-publishing (the costs you’ll incur, how to find a publishing home for your book, and a basic understanding of how self-publishing works) to save precious time, money.

For general market publishers, you can visit book stores and check out books that you like and think might be similar to your story. Find the publishers website or contact information to find their submission guidelines. Even Amazon books online can be helpful in the search. If you are interested in self-publishing and are somewhat computer savvy, you can check out Createspace, Lulu, and Xlibris publishing. You can also get a referral from someone who has already published a picture book, join and indie writer's group to find out other author's publishing experiences. 

If you are interested in having me illustrate your book, but would like to see what a main character might look like, send me your manuscript and I will create a pencil sketch of your main character (for free). Any additional pencil sketches require a small fee.

Yes, we can make revisions at the pencil sketch layout stage. Most always layouts need revising and I offer a round of revisions before any additional fees are needed.

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