Playful Pen Sketches

Lucky Dog

Playful pen sketching can help you to create memorable characters. Here are some lose pen sketches I did for a Camp Lucky Dog design project. I tried to show the joy and emotion in the dogs expressions.

How? Fooling around with the characters features size, adjusting their placement and distance from each other, can help you to come up with that facial symmetry that can be unique for each character and so delightful. It’s a process of discovery, so have fun and feel free to make some messes.

I suggest you start a sketch book for pen sketches only. It’s tempting to use an eraser or tear out the sheets that you aren’t happy with. But learning to live with the good and the messy in a sketch book is part of growing and improving as an artist. Do not fear the pen!

Try lots of different versions of a characters – you might find some wonderful surprises. Part of the beauty of sketching from you mind’s eye is the surprises that can occur. For me, it is not about striving for the “sparkle” in sketches. But investing the time in rendering, researching and “running into it.” I do not always understand how that “life” happens, it’s not a science, it’s an exploration, a treasure hunt, a discovery.

Be Brave! Sketch on!