Coming from the Kitchen! New picture book work in 2018

I have pretty much been glued to my swivel chair, risking a dowager’s hump working on new picture books in 2018!

Mainly working on books for preschoolers, it has been a delight for me to develop characters with hearts filled with:

Rescue! Whether it’s a rain forest rescue of a tiny Lemur from poachers – Ping and Po-Li -Rain Forest Rescue – Audrey Moore

Learning! How to bake a delicious un-burnt birthday cake, – Willoughby and the Lumpy Bumpy Cake – Pam Halter  

Courage!  How to differences and turn bullies into buddies, Sunny the Yellow Bunny – Maria Shamkalian

Adventure! A little tot brings his animal friends with him on his big day!  – Amari’s Great Adventures! – Deborah Harris

There is also a lovely poem picture book written by Mary Clark that should soon be released, “Jesus, I Know You’re There.” I am currently working on a Swimming chapter book and soon to begin book two “Car Show”in the “Jeremy and Red Jeep” series, which I can’t wait to begin.

I hope that our wee folks will be given books with content that fits their “tiny shoulders”, not only regarding reading level, but what their tender hearts can handle.