Willoughby and Friends Picture Book Sketch Reveal

Early Fairy sketches
Willoughby's friends the fairies beginning sketches

Revealing character sketches created for the Willoughby and Friends book series.

As you can see each little fairy character has her own unique personality and charm. From the way she wears her hair, her outfit and even the way she stands. One fae is shy, another brave and one loves to laugh! As the sketches began to pile up, ideas began to solidify in my mind and I made some adjustments….


Once corrections were made at sketch stage I began creating the watercolor finished art. Intuitively, I gave Rosewings red hair, ..and she needed some freckles. Can you spot some other changes that were made?


I wanted to post a couple covers sketches for you to see – ( one of my favorite things to do when putting a picture book together). With “Willoughby and The Terribly Itchy Itch”, I wanted to go for the drama! When illustrating covers, I’ve always heard that if you “go bold”, you usually can’t go wrong.

Can you spot the essential element that is missing in one of the first two pencil sketch covers?

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