Kim has been wonderful to work with. I feel so blessed that she agreed to illustrate my books. Kim is an exceptional artist who has the ability to add that little extra something to her art that makes her pictures so amazing.

Kim made me feel comfortable from day one. This was my first endeavor at writing books. I wasn't sure what to expect and how the process would go. Kim was always quick to respond to my questions and always made me feel comfortable and secure in my decisions. I appreciate her talent and work ethnic beyond words.

How wonderful it is when you see your story come to life in pictures! Looking forward to having an opportunity to work with Kim again.

Thanks Kim!

Debra Lenser, Magnificent Matt

Kim and I are about to release Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon. The illustrations are incredible. It's such a joy to see my story brought to life in such a beautiful way. It's hard to explain how perfectly right it is yet it's better then I had ever imagined.

Kim is above and beyond in every way. She is extremely knowledgable about the process of putting together a children's picture book. All throughout, Kim has been professional and right on schedule. She has continued helping during the layout process.

Anyone who is lucky enough to get her will be more than pleased. I highly recommend Kim Sponaugle.

Terry John Barto, Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon

I have been so lucky to work with Kim on one book and now starting a second. ( hopefully more) She has been available to me and so helpful from the start. I gave her my ideas, we worked together and she created an amazing characters for my story . I still wonder how she was able to come up with exactly what I had in mind! It's actually refreshing to work with some one who has the ability to take your ideas and create what you envision. Her extreme talent gives so much creative freedom. Ok, do I think she's super woman in this illustration market? Yes, I do!!

Laura Brigger,

For those who have had bad encounters and experiences in working with self-publishing companies, I can honestly say that doing your homework and making certain you have found the right fit, a publisher that understands your goals and ambitions for your book, will pay dividends. It was a perfect fit for Lisa Umina, the publisher, and myself.

I took the same approach with selecting an illustrator who was more than great in illustrating, but also who had a heart and a warmth for creating that was reflected in her own life. That was why Kimberly Margaret Sponaugle was the perfect fit.

We interviewed each other and it resulted in an excellent partnership and children's book: "Is There a Lion in My Kitchen?"

I know if you take the time in selecting your publisher and illustrator you will never regret it!

Kevin Fobbs,

Kim Sponaugle recently illustrated my forthcoming children's picture book entitled WHO IS JESUS! I have long admired Kim's work ever since she illustrated the Beatrice books for my friend Pam Halter.

I knew that if I ever wrote a picture book, I would want Kim to illustrate it.

Well, I did write a picture book and Kim did illustrate it. And I am so very pleased and delighted!

It has been a great joy and a blessing to work with Kim. She is a true artist at heart, sensitive to Holy Spirit's leading. She considered my input as the author yet remained faithful to her artistic vision.

She is a consummate professional and a very talented artist whose love for God is evident in her work. If you are looking for a superb illustrator for your children's book, look no farther than Kim Sponaugle. You will not be disappointed.

MaryAnn Diorio, Who Is Jesus?

If you are in search of a fabulous illustrator who will bring your characters to life, animate all critters and fascinate the children.....Kim Sponaugle is your illustrator!! She is a joy to work with and uses her imagination to add playful details to delight children. I cannot wait until my second story is perfected and ready for her to work her magic again!!

Anita Turnage,

I am a first time self publishing author. My first book “Have You Ever Seen A Firefly?” was illustrated by Kim Sponaugle. She has been very professional, very helpful, and very supportive. She managed to create characters and scenery that were exact in telling the story and drawing in the reader. I feel she easily understood the picture and story that I hoped to tell, and I feel she is a total Godsend to me. I love her; I love her work and am very pleased she has agreed to illustrate my upcoming second book. I would highly recommend her to all authors in need of an illustrator.

Debbie Estram,

I found Kim after an extensive online search for an illustrator who could render black and white pencil sketches in a classic, whimsical style for my eBook series, Hello Pepi.

She has been incredibly gracious in working with me as a first time indie publisher. Not only has she collaborated across time zones (I am in Australia), but she has willingly worked to enhance my vision from initial storyboard concepts.

There is a certain magical quality that she brings to her work – emotional nuances, energy and verve - that bring characters and settings to life. Her cover art is particularly inspired, communicating the essence of the story in a seemingly effortless way.

It’s been a joy and a privilege to work with such a talented illustrator and to see the project brought to life.

Alarna Rose Gray,

I am a huge fan of Kim Sponaugle. She has illustrated three of my children's books, and I couldn't be more pleased.

When my Christian children's Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving musicals were accepted by Guardian Angel Publishing, I knew Kim Sponaugle was the woman for the job of designing the cover art. I highly recommend her work.

If you are in need of an illustrator, get ahold of Kim. You will not be disappointed.

Dixie Phillips,

Kim Sponaugle has illustrated two of my books and I could not possibly be happier with the quality of her work. The characters in my most recent book (Duck and Friends: The Dinosaur Bones) were based on well-defined "pretend friends" made up by my 7-year-old son. Kim interviewed me to learn about the characters and then she captured them perfectly with her illustrations. She filled her interior pencil sketches with creativity and imagination, but the biggest star was the cover. Her cover illustration is absolutely stunning, and it is selling my book. I highly recommend Kim Sponaugle.

Donna McFarland,

While writing my book, The Adventures of Little Chrisamee, I started looking for an illustrator, which I am sure most of you know, is a very frustrating experience. I finally realized that I had not prayed about it, so I stopped and prayed. In less than one week I had found Picture Kitchen Studio. I know Kim was an answer to prayer, because working with Kim has been an absolute joy. She has gone the extra mile time and time again to portray the characters in my book as I have imagined them. It has almost been like she was in my head and could see my thoughts.

I have actually made changes to my story and added a character because of things Kim has put into the illustrations. I have to say that she has not only brought my story to life, but has truly helped me make the story better.

Kim also introduced me to an excellent editor and a wonderful publisher. I feel like working with Kim is truly being part of a team. She has helped me in more ways than I could ever explain. I am planning to publish several more books, and I would not even consider any other illustrator.

Thank you Kim for everything you have done.

Janice Austin Bates, The Adventures of Little Chrisamee

Upon receiving the finished illustrations from Kim for a new novel I have written for little girls, I was overwhelmed by her expertise in capturing whimsy and sparkle in black and white! She has a unique ability to visualize an author's words and put them to paper. I knew her work in color was outstanding but had no idea she could work the same magic for black and white ink. Movement, line, shadow, space, and MIRTH are all there! Thank you Kim for sharing your God-given talent with me.

Linda Chambers,

Kim has finished my illustrations for my book. It's been a wonderful ride.

Kim aims to please. She's caring and easy to work with, to say the least. I look forward to working with her again. I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with than Kim.

I've told her several times that I don't think I could have found anyone to do a better job! Kim has been a gift from God. Knowing in my mind what I wanted my illustrations to look like was frustrating for me, not being able to draw myself. Kim made it possible to illustrate what I was thinking. She not only drew what I wanted, but - when I was stumbling with an idea for an illustration - there she was with a great idea. She made it so easy for me to work with her. Putting our ideas together was so much fun.

Kim is great at making you feel at home with her. She's not only super talented, but she's equally caring and puts a lot of love into her work.

In my opinion, Kim is priceless.

Thank you, Kim, from the bottom of my heart.

You're a great person!

Patty Wiese,

I've never been to Kim's house, but I can just imagine that a visit to her picture kitchen studio must be like walking into a magical place full of lots of kids, lots of activity, lots of color, lots of animals, lots of illustrations, and lots of fun! Because that's what I envisioned with every email and phone call I had with Kim during the months she was illustrating my book, "Did God Run out of Tails?" So I found myself a little sad when the book was done...but thank goodness, our relationship continues. She is always there for me when I have questions, concerns, or need advice.

I can't say enough wonderful things about working with her; and at some point, I'm going to make a surprise visit and see what really goes on in Kim's Krazy Kitchen!

Maryann Welker,

Feathered Quill Book Awards 2016 (Gold) Best Children's Illustrated - Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon

The judging panel is comprised of professionals: authors, reviewers, editors, and publicists who are active in the literary community. In the extremely competitive book world, the Feathered Quill judges know what makes a TOP-PICK. Judging criteria include, but are not limited to:

Ability to Engage the Reader
Cover Art
Interior Illustrations, Particularly in the Children's Division
Layout and Design
Production Quality
Editorial Quality (polish, grammar, etc.)
Ability to Fit into the Niche Market the Book is Aimed at

Best of the Year Award - Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon Picture Book

Family Review Center

For a product to qualify for an Award, they must show exceptional value and quality. They must be safe and family friendly. They must be priced reasonably and fill a void. These are the factors our judges look for when deciding who our winners are.

2015 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon

Five Star Publications

Picture Book 6 and Older- 1st Place
Best Illustration - 2nd Place
Best Interior Design - 2nd Place

Reader's Favorite GOLD Award -K- 3rd grade - Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon

Reader's Favorite

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon is a fantasy for children, grades K-3, written by Terry John Barto and illustrated by Kim Sponaugle. Nickerbacher was a young dragon who didn’t feel that his job of guarding Princess Gwendolyn in her tower was what he should be doing with his life. He really liked to tell jokes, which he did all of the time, and he wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Gwendolyn liked his jokes and thought he should follow his dreams and become a comic, but Nickerbacher was worried about what his father would think. His father believed that all dragons should guard princesses, and he placed Gwendolyn under Nickerbacher’s care. When a young prince rode up to see the princess, Nickerbacher knew he was supposed to scare him away, but Nickerbacher really only wanted to tell him jokes.

Terry John Barto’s children’s fantasy picture book, Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon, features a very unusual dragon who sees humor and wit as his weapons, and who wants to do stand-up comedy. He has to find the courage to first tell his very frightening father what he wants to do with his life, and then to appear before an audience as a stand-up comic for the first time. The positive and inspiring message of this story is driven home in a hilarious way through the young dragon’s inability to do anything else but make jokes. Kim Sponaugle’s pen and ink drawings have gloriously colorful washes that make this story larger than life, a fitting thing indeed for a tale about dragons. The characters’ expressions are fabulous, especially Nickerbacher, whose bushy eyebrows are exceptional. Adults will have a marvelous time reading this story and sharing the pictures during storytelling sessions, but it’s also a great book for young readers. Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon is most highly recommended.

CIPA EVVY GOLD- Children's Picture Book - Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon

Colorado Independent Publishers Association

Author, Terry John Barto, Published by AuthorHouse

CIPA EVVY - Bronze Technical Category- children's illustration - Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon

Colorado Independent Publishers Association

3rd place for Children's illustration - Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon written by Terry John Barto,
Published by AuthorHouse

Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval to Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon

Children's Literary Classics

Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon, by Terry John Barto, is an enchanting tale about family, friendship, duty and dreams. Interspersed with funny jokes, as told by Nickerbacher, this book is sure to inspire children to follow their destiny while honoring family. Expressive and whimsical illustrations by Kim Sponaugle are perfectly paired with this lovely book which will entertain and delight young readers.

Read more:

Purple Dragonfly Book Awards - First Place, Best Illustrations for Nickerbacher, the funniest dragon

Five Start Publications

Author: Terry John Barto

National Parenting Publications Award - Bronze - Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon


A dragon named Nickerbacher guards a princess because his papa told him to. However, he yearns to be a stand-up comedian. Will Nickerbacher abide by his dragonly duty or will his dream come true? Nickerbacher slays a princess, her prince and finally his own disapproving papa… with laughter. And along the way, he encourages others to dream big and follow their hearts.

Mom's Choice Gold Award 2015 Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon for Children's Picture books : Humor

Mom's Choice Awards (MCA)

Author: Terry John Barto

Nickerbacher's fire-breathing father instructs him to guard Princess Gwendolyn because that's what good dragons do. Not wanting to displease dad, the aspiring stand-up comic secretly works on his comedy routine with Princess Gwendolyn, his captive audience-of-one.

When the Prince shows up to rescue the Princess he expects to battle a ferocious dragon but Nickerbacher chooses to slay him with jokes instead of flames. It so happens the Prince also has an unfulfilled dream, but between the two of them only Nickerbacher has the resolve to go for it.

Audience: Children 4-8

Story Monster Approved - Nickerbacker the Funniest Dragon

Five Star Publications

Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon is Story Monster Approved. Five Star Publications, Inc.'s prestigious "Story Monsters' award honors extraordinary authors in the field of children's literature. Books that are Story Monster approved receive this special designation because they inspire, inform, teach or entertain, adhering to rigorous standards of excellence. Nominated books must pass through an evaluation conducted by industry experts, and be endorsed by a panel of youth judges. Only then can a book receive the official Story Monster seal of approval.

Reader Views Award First Place - HOPS

Reader Views

Author: Anita Turnage

Categories: First Place -Children-Toddler, First Place Children- Early reader age 6-8, First Place Children/Teen/YA, First Place Award for Best Children's Book of the Year, Adult- Conversations Award for Best Regional book of the Year, Regional Book of the Year

Haden loves to share exciting adventures with Nana T in her garden. One day, while on hands and knees, they come face to face with a tiny little tree frog. Hops begins to visit daily and Haden’s fascination grows. An endearing story, full of ribbiting surprises, based on the escapades of a very real tree frog named Hops.

Publisher: Halo Publishing


2015 Beverly Hills Book Award

Picture Books All-Ages


Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon

Terry John Barto


2013 CIPA EVVY Award

Colorado Independent Publishers Association

Bronze Award- Children's Picture Book category - Randy the Raindrop written by Patty Weise

Spring 2013 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency

Best Books in the Category of CHILDREN'S INTEREST
Randy the Raindrop loves to make friends with boys and girls and see them having fun on a rainy day. Randy enjoys dropping by to make new friends and visiting those he already knows, wherever it may be raining. You never know where in the world he may land--on your front porch, in your backyard or in the park nearby.This book is a story rhyme and song--I'm a little raindrop. You can listen to the song and download free coloring pages and much more!

Children’s Picture Books 2013 Mom's Choice Award -Silver

Mom's Choice Awards

Randy the Raindrop
by Patty Jean Wiese
Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
Stormy Day Books
Silver: Imagine It!

BRONZE - 2013 Moonbeam Children’s E-Book Awards - Randy the Raindrop

Jenkins Group and Independent Publisher magazine

The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards contest is designed to honor the year's best children’s books, authors and illustrators.

Honorable Mention - Hollywood Book Festival for Randy the Raindrop

Honorable Mention - New Your book Festival for Randy the Raindrop

Honorable Mention - Purple Dragonfly Book Award for Randy the Raindrop

Five-Star Publications

2013 Finalist Children's Picture book category- "Just a Quilt" written by Dalen Keys

Beverly Hills Book Awards

When is a quilt more than a quilt? When it’s placed in the hands of six-year-old Chase at an age when imagination knows no limits. Chase’s quilt seems to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Regardless of whether it serves as a superhero cape, a dark cave, a race track, or a magic carpet, his quilt provides the security of home.

2012 Mom's Choice Award for Best picture book bedtime story

Mom's Choice Awards

Gazillions, Bunches, Oodles & Tons
by Donna Scott-Nusrala
Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
AMO Publishing LLC
Gold: Bedtime Stories

2012 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

Eric Hoffer

The Eric Hoffer Award - Excellence in Independent Publishing honors independent books of exceptional merit.

Gold for Readers Favorite Book Awards for 2012

Reader's Favorite

Gold for Readers Favorite Book 2012 , Children - K-3rd category Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?
Rhonda Fischer, art By Kim Sponaugle

2011 Global eBook Awards in the Children's Christian eBook category

Dan Poynter

“Angel Eyes” is a heartwarming adventure of two cherubs, Kennedy and Tristan. They help children understand what the angels might have felt when Jesus came to Earth and was crucified.

2010 Mom's Choice Award -Silver

Mom's Choice

Winner of Mom’s Choice Awards- Children’s Picture Books- Values & Life Lessons- July 20, 2010 Randy Kazandy Where Is Your Glasses?

#1 Great Book March 2010

OC Family Magazine

#1 of Top 10 kids’ books for fall 2009

Special Achievements/Awards: Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?


2009- Recommended by Parents Magazine in Orange County, California
2009- Recommended by Jobson Optical Research
2009 –Number one book for the Fall- She Knows Magazine
2009- Listed as one of The Greats- Orange County, CA. OC Family Magazine
2009- Moms Choice Award- Silver- Children’s Picture Books, Values & Life Lessons
2010- Creative Child Magazine Gold Award
2011- Schools required reading award, Canandaigua Elementary School District in NY
2011-Book Festival Honor- Dallas- First Lady Laura Bush
2011-Essilor Book Honor- Dallas
IRA Children’s Book Award Notables List
Radio Disney
2011-Ooh la la-de Paris- Designed Randy Kazandy lead-free eyewear & now selling worldwide
2011-Recommended by Modern Medicine Magazine- Award
2012- Gold Book Award- Readers Favorite

2008 Award for Literary Excellence- Children's Animal Story Category

Books & Author'

“Stubby’s Destiny” is an inspirational story about a defeated donkey, Stubby, who feels he was born wrong. He was just about to give up when divine destiny tapped him on the shoulder. He was chosen to carry the King of Kings upon his back. “Stubby’s Destiny” will bring hope to hurting children who feel their situation is hopeless.

Additional Honors & Awards

Awarded a 2010 Mom's Choice Award for Children’s Picture Book – Values & Life Lessons for the book "Randy Kazandy Where Is Your Glasses?"

Illustrator of "Stubby's Destiny" written by Dixie Phillips Has just won BOOKS & AUTHORS.NET Book of the Year for 2008 in the Children's Animal Story category.

Winner of the 2011 Global eBook Awards in the Children's Christian eBook category for "Angel Eyes"written by Dixie Phillips and illustrated by Kim Sponaugle .


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